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Our name tells you everything you need to know about us: QACSTranscription - Quality, Accuracy, Cost and Satisfaction - is a small legal transcription company dedicated to serving the outsourcing needs of attorneys, court reporters and paralegals nationwide. We are 100% based in the U.S. and headquartered in Florida with no backend overseas outsourcing (America first). Our dedicated staff have over 80 combined years of experience in all phases of professional transcription. QACSTranscription is where well-rounded experience and passionate professionalism guarantee exemplary results for our clients! So please click here to receive your FREE TRIAL TRANSCRIPT (15 minutes or 5 dictations, whichever comes first) to judge our Quality, Accuracy, Cost and Satisfaction for yourself. There is no contract, no risk, no commitment and no obligation required, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! So why not CONTACT US to discuss your outsourcing needs?

QACSTranscription provides the following transcription services:

  • depositions, court trials, hearings and other proceedings, pleadings, appellate briefs, witness interviews, sworn and unsworn witness statements, affidavits, contracts, memoranda of law, work product, legal forms, medical malpractice and other legal dictation and correspondence
  • scoping, proofreading, transcribing and/or editing for court reporters
  • DMV/DUI and other governmental hearings
  • administrative law hearings and reviews
  • arbitrations/mediations
  • medical health records including, but not limited to, surgeries, consultations, Basic 4, History & Physicals, Discharge Summaries, lab reports, diagnostic reports, pathology reports, histological reports, reports for Agreed Medical Examiners (AMEs) and Independent Medical Examiners (IMEs) for both ESL and non-ESL speakers
  • contract negotiations
  • expert/technical content
  • entertainment content (TV and movie scripts, screenplays and negotiations)
  • books, eBooks and manuscripts for writers
  • training manuals
  • academic/research whitepapers, dissertations, lectures and other projects for professors, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, inventors, teachers, lecturers, doctoral candidates and students
  • church sermons, newsletters, lectures, speeches, workshops, retreats and other religious text
  • podcasts, seminars/webinars and blogs
  • board of directors, shareholder, annual and other corporate meetings
  • Homeowners Association (HOA) meetings
  • focus groups
  • non-dictation with multiple speakers
  • global financial corporations
  • employment interviews and/or contract negotiations
  • sworn statements and recorded interviews for insurance companies, independent adjusters and public and private investigators
  • witness statements, interrogations and 911 calls for law enforcement
  • business meetings, conference calls and correspondence
  • governmental meetings and public hearings
  • general personal and professional projects
  • personal memoirs and correspondence
  • general business transcription and correspondence for private companies
  • political rallies, meetings, debates and speeches
  • voice to text/speech to text transcription
  • voice-recognition editing (VRE)/speech recognition editing (SRE)
  • newspaper articles
  • transcript formatting for strict verbatim or edited for "readability"
  • turnaround times (TAT) for daily copy and expedited delivery for an additional fee

So what are you waiting for? Please feel free to click now to get started with your FREE TRIAL TRANSCRIPT (15 minutes or 5 dictations, whichever comes first), resting assured that your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or you don't pay anything.

It just might be the smartest business decision you make this year!


Unsure about the quality, accuracy and turnaround time (TAT) for outsourced online transcription with a company unknown to you? No problem, we get it! That's why we offer a FREE TRIAL TRANSCRIPT: so you can judge for yourself the Quality, Accuracy, Cost and Satisfaction provided by our Dedicated Transcription Teams here at QACSTranscription. Please click on the FREE TRIAL TRANSCRIPT link to upload an audio file of your choice (up to 15 minutes or 5 dictations, whichever comes first). Try it: you'll always be glad you did.

Remember: Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed, or you don't pay anything!

Whether you are an ongoing business, a non-profit organization or a sole practitioner... whether you have one small job or several large ones... whether you have a one-time deal or desire an ongoing relationship, we'll have it turned around before you can turn others down!

But you don't have to take our word for it - come see how your outsourced transcription should ALWAYS look! QACSTranscription will provide a FREE TRIAL TRANSCRIPT (15 minutes or 5 dictations, whichever comes first), so you can judge our Quality, Accuracy, Cost and Satisfaction for yourself! There is no contract, no risk, no commitment and no obligation required of any of our clients. We will sign Non-Disclosure Agreements at our clients' requests to ensure your confidentiality. We appreciate your continued confidence in our services and thank YOU for making US who we are today - YOU'RE THE BEST!!

Thank you kindly for the privilege of considering QACSTranscription for a cost-effective, accurate and timely solution for your outsourced transcription services, Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US for further information at your convenience. We'd love to hear from you!

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QACSTranscription - Quality, Accuracy, Cost and Satisfaction
100% satisfaction guaranteed, or you don't pay anything

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